Vacuum cleaner use, maintenance and cleaning

2021-06-09 08:49:15 Read 138

1. To clean up debris bucket and various suction accessory, dust and more dust bag grid should be promptly cleaned, check for cases of perforation or leak. With detergent and warm water thoroughly clean the dust and dust bags grid after to wait completely dry before using. Further use should be checked before and after the air / pipe / dust bag is blocked or leaking.

2. To check the power cord and plug is damaged, exhausted after a power coil wound bundle hang on hooks in the nose cap.

Remove the dust first and then the dust bag suction grid 3. water. Also to pour in time, control the water level should not exceed 2/3, after absorbing water, sewage barrel should be completely drained and kept dry. After the work is completed to check whether the air inlet blockage or debris, if it will have to be cleared up.

It is noted that water is only available for wet and dry vacuum cleaner, dry cleaner can not absorb water.